ISSUES - Free Airtime

The public airwaves, the commons, have been commercialized and corrupted over the last 60 years. Those with the most money can get access to the television and radio. Campaigns become auctions and not a free exchange of ideas among we the people. 'We the people' then end up with generally irrelevant and sometimes deceptive information by way of the common airwaves which contributes to rapid ecological decline.

"Let's follow the bouncing ball. Our government gives broadcasters free licenses to operate on the public airwaves on condition that they serve the public interest. During the campaign season, broadcasters turn around and sell access to these airwaves to candidates at inflated prices. Meanwhile, many candidates sell access to the government in order to raise special interest money to purchase access to the airwaves. It's a wonderful arrangement for the broadcasters, who reap windfall profits from political campaigns. It's a good system for incumbents, who prosper in the big-dollar, high-ante political culture of paid speech. But it's a lousy deal for the rest of us." Free Airtime for Candidates, Common Cause

The Ecology Democracy Network will mandate that all political parties and candidates who get enough signatures or votes will receive an evenly shared amount of free airtime