Ecology Democracy Network October 2018 Calendar


Saturday, October 27th

Webber Park Library 4440 Humboldt Ave. N., Minneapolis, 55412

Learn About the Ecology Democracy Network

1:00 – 2:30 PM

We will discuss the mandates and organizing vision of the Network; which includes: structural change to establish an ecology-based economy that reverses ecological overshoot; proportional voting to allow for greater adaptability and fuller representation; removal of private money in our public election and ending corporate personhood.


Proportional Representation for the Minnesota House of Representatives

 3:00 – 4:30 PM

Another election approaches, and there is a “Get Out the Vote” effort in full swing. Now is the time to talk about the voting method we participate in--Single-Member Winner-Take-All Voting for the Minnesota House--which excludes approximately 46% votes.

In a proportional representative voting system, 46% of the votes would include 46% of the seats in the House, leading to fuller representation. This would more accurately reflect the political vales of those that vote, leading to a more engaged population and greater voter turnout.

A variety of grassroots movements, independent political parties, and losing parties in safe districts would seem to have a stake in and aspire for Proportional Representation.

The Network has five variations (maps) on Proportional Representation for the Minnesota House, one of which combines the House and the Senate into a unicameral body. 

This objective in not exclusive to Minnesota. Those in other States can contact me to discuss this further.  

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