Ecology Democracy Network July 2017 Calendar

Ecology Democracy Network Calendar

Saturday, July 22nd

Ecology Democracy Network Introduction Meeting: 2:00-4:30 PM


Webber Park Library, Webber Room, 4440 Humboldt Ave. N., Minneapolis, 55412 locations/webber-park


In addition to going over the mandates and organizing strategy of the Network, I plan on discussing what I learned from the Ecological Economics Conference and offer an overview of the important upcoming Democracy Convention.


Wednesday, July 26th

Ecology Democracy Network Introduction Meeting: 5:00-6:30 PM


Venture North Bike Shop, 1830 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis, 55405,
http://www.venturenorthbwc. org/contact.html



August 2-6th

Democracy Convention at the University of Minnesota https://www.


Even though the workshop subjects seem a bit sprawling to me, the range of top-notch organizers and ideas makes for a potentially transformative conference.

It is reasonably priced and local to Minnesotans.


I will be doing a workshop at the Convention titled Economic Signal’s: How the Genuine Progress Indicator Improves the Prospects for Democracy.